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Some guiding perspectives on Biodiversity Education, Collaborative Projects, and Restoration Ecology:

All beings have a place in our unique mosaic of global habitats, where we contribute and interact as well as thrive or seek restoration: this belonging is an innate part of our biodiversity continuum.

At WILDLANDANCE, we focus on both the ecological and community context that creates belonging for all. This begins with listening to the land, water, sky, every living creature and landscape element, as well as to the perspectives brought forward as we learn about our natural surroundings and one another.

Everything has a resilience derived from both our unique place and our individual/community attributes; we are all engaged with the larger telling of who we are. We understand ourselves not as a collection of isolated puzzle fragments, but rather as an integrated whole that relies upon a dynamic and diverse world. 

We have tremendous responsibilities to sustain, restore and engage with this continuum.  Despite the prevalence of simplification, we understand our complex ecological context as an intricate and resilient web, one that relies upon mutuality and the reciprocity needed to sustain the whole.