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Restoring Home, Rocky Mountains and beyond


featuring Rainstars Gallery


To the many stars lighting the way--the knowledge sharers and the restorers who make us all stronger: THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE & FOR REMEMBERING THE DIVERSE, LIVING WORLD WE SHARE!

Currently on exhibit at the Millicent Rogers Museum in El Prado, New Mexico as part of an annual fundraiser/community gallery show: Detail here of River Otter: al Rio Bravo del Norte (graphite/pastel) by Sylvia Rains Dennis; framed with glass in repurposed fruitwood. Follow this link for the full image:

Show through February 28, 2021, with more information at:

Happy International Biodiversity Day, May 22!

When we learn to see ourselves as the reflection of our interconnectivity with the natural world, horizons open into celebrating all the company we keep. This shows our endless potential and our strength, as part of the whole.

In gratitude to the ones who teach us who we are, from every seed to each expression of birdsong and the hum of the smallest pollinating insect, and all who help us learn from the heart, expanding our understanding.

(Please click on the image to the left for an activity to share!)  

From the 2019 New Mexico Writers dinner in Santa Fe, celebrating the lifelong contributions of Luci Tapahonso (center), Professor Emeritus of the University of New Mexico and Poet Laureate of the Navajo Nation; pictured with grant recipients Sylvia Rains Dennis, Poet-Ecologist (left) and Laurie Goodluck, young adult indigenous storytelling (right).

For more information, please see New Mexico Writers website: 


(click here)

Please note: several upcoming

meetings will be online! 

Welcome HOME from WILDLANDANCE Director, Sylvia Rains Dennis:

Wherever you are, you have a community, a place, and the unlimited potential to contribute to our collective ecological and cultural sustainability as part of what connects us ALL . . . Thank you, for sharing this earth, sky, water, and story of our amazing biodiversity!

If you're not able to get to the biodiversity activity by pressing on the image above, click here!



click on the globes to celebrate your center of home 

We will celebrate several important gatherings online during 2020, to share Earth Day, International Biodiversity Day, Arbor Day, Restoration news, and many important ways to contribute to what sustains us ALL!


PARTICIPANTS from this WORKSHOP and Talking Circle follow-up are encouraged to keep in contact! Your questions & feedback are welcome. WILDLANDANCE plans to resume the Rocky Mountain Restoration Collaborative gatherings this Spring.

Please see our Perspectives page or click on photo to the right for the presentation on Natural Landscapes & Human Habitat: Connectivity, Restoration, and Care,

@Sylvia Rains Dennis, WILDLANDANCE,

April 19, 2017

Also available here:

Habitat Gardening in the Southern Rocky Mountains,

@Sylvia Rains Dennis, WILDLANDANCE June 16, 2016. Many thanks for the few additional photos used by permission; citations as indicated.

(All text and remaining images by Sylvia Rains Dennis.)


has been establishing a native tree and shrub nursery to support site-specific, resilient restoration projects in our Rocky Mountain home region.

Education & Collaboration

Based on a career-long effort to share our understanding of the natural environment and our many restoration needs, we continue our extensive collaborations with:

  • the land-based peoples of the Rocky Mountains & beyond
  • plant & wildlife habitat specialists
  • conservation & restoration ecologists
  • educators & community members
  • sustainability advocates
  • and YOU!!!

WILDLANDANCE continues to support many intercultural, mulitgenerational gatherings and activities, as well as sponsoring the following events:

Twice Tuesdays Talking Circles on Biodiversity and Restoration

Seasonal Workshops on Forest Habitats, Weather and Landscape change, Native Plants, and Sustainability

Rocky Mountain Restoration Collaborative meetings hosted the third Wednesday of each month; TO BE ANNOUNCED, 2019

Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology

All beings have a place in our unique mosaic of global habitats, where we contribute and interact as well as thrive or seek restoration: this belonging is an innate part of our biodiversity continuum.

At WILDLANDANCE, we focus on both the ecological and community context that creates belonging for all. This begins with listening to the land, water, sky, every living creature and landscape element, as well as to the perspectives brought forward as we learn about our natural surroundings and one another.

Everything has a resilience derived from both our unique place and our individual/community attributes; we are all engaged with the larger telling of who we are. We understand ourselves not as a collection of isolated puzzle fragments, but rather as an integrated whole that relies upon a dynamic and diverse world. We have tremendous responsibilities to sustain, restore and engage with this continuum.

Retail and Native Plant Resources


has developed field kits to support plant identification, habitat studies, education, and wilderness safety, including:

 Field kits:

1. Naturalist

2. Student Naturalist

3. Bird Habitat

4. Trail Ready

5. Pathways Plant Press

6. Rainy Day Camp

7. Earth Day Discovery 

 Planting Kits:

  • Restorationist
  • Young Gardener
  • Sustainable Gardener
  • Pollinator Enhancement

We also carry a range of field guides, natural science & restoration titles, regional & global biodiversity books, restoration tools, and creative arts.

Our Rainstars Gallery includes original paintings by our director, limited edition tiles, and unique botanical crafts.